• Peter Alton

Strawberry and Blueberry Trifle


12 Sponge Fingers

2 Tbsp Sherry

150g Strawberries cut into half

100g Whole Blueberries

1 Pack Strawberry Jelly 135g approx


400ml Whole Milk

1/2 Vanilla Pod

6 Egg Yolks

20g Castor Sugar

4 Tsp Cornflour to Thicken


300ml of double cream

1 Tbsp Toasted Desiccated Coconut


Place the sponge fingers in the bottom of your trifle dish. Moisten with the sherry and allow to absorb. Cover with the cut strawberries and whole blueberries and put to one side.

Chop the jelly into small pieces and cover with half a pint of boiling water. Stir until dissolved then top up to a pint with cold water or ice cubes. Pour over the sponge fingers and fruit and return to the fridge. Allow to set preferably overnight until the jelly is firm to touch.

For the custard gently warm the milk in a pan with half a vanilla pod until blood heat. In a separate bowl whisk the egg yolks, sugar and cornflour until thick and pale. Slowly add some of the warm milk, whisking gently to ensure the mixture is fully combined. Next return the mixture to the pan with the rest of the milk, H

eat and stir until thickened. Do not boil or you will risk scrambling the egg mixture.

Allow the custard to cool. Once the custard is chilled sufficiently so it will not melt the jelly you can pour the mixture on top of the trifle base. Return to the fridge to allow the custard to set firmly.

Whisk the 300ml of Double Cream in a clean bowl until it forms stiff peaks. Carefully spoon this mixture on top of the set custard.

Lastly toast the desiccated coconut under a high grill until golden brown. Allow to cool and sprinkle on top of the trifle.

Serve and enjoy!

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